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Why cargo e-bike can save the World

If you’re reading this post then you probably already agree that bicycles are a great way of reducing the impact on the environment, help stay fit, and also save money. But what makes cargo e-bike stand out, sure you can haul around a lot of stuff, but what does it mean – how does it change the everyday behavior of a person?


The ability to carry everything you need with a bike is appealing, but even after years of cycling with different bikes, I’m still surprised at what a cargo bike can carry and how easy it is. When commuting with a regular bike, you’re often stuck with a backpack. This makes the back sweat annoyingly fast and puts a lot of strain on hands. Not only that, but it also means you have very limited space to carry anything. Commuting on a cargo bike means you can take along your exercise gear, children and still do weekly groceries with one trip. This sounds nice, but when you experience it, it’s a lot more, it’s revolutionary. When I think back of the years of cycling I did before a cargo bike, I wonder why I was putting up with the misery of tieing plastic grocery bags to my backpack to be able to carry even a little extra than the backpack itself managed to fit. These days my regular cargo includes a backpack with sports gear and lunch box plus a couple of Bike Hangers to be dropped off at a parcel machine on my way around the city.

Hauling with a cargo e-bike
Carrying a Cristmas tree with a Nighthawk Cargo

Cargo e-bike

A modern invention that we see making a big impact on all urban cycling is the use of electric motors on a bike – even more so on cargo bikes. Sure, a cargo bike can move fast but add some wind, hills, or a heavy load into the mix, and due to its not so aero-efficient loading area, it’s not so fast anymore and you can forget about the non-sweaty back we were talking about earlier. Yet with a cargo e-bike, any trip becomes a joy-ride. Right before converting to my electric cargo bike, I was commuting on a road bike. I like going places fast so I always needed to take a shower after a ride. Sure I was feeling like I was getting a decent exercise under my belt with each ride, but after 30 km of all-out effort every day I wasn’t looking for extra trips in the evening. Electric bike transforms all of that – you ride as far as you like, as often as you like just like you would with a car, plus you can forget all that bad traffic.

E-bike motor

Being present

Another aspect non-bike person probably never thinks of is how connected to your surrounding you are on a bike. Studies have found that cycling boosts the local economy as people don’t need to look for parking and can stop virtually right when they see a shop or a kiosk of any sort. Also, you are connected to the people that cycle and walk around you. When in a car, road rage is easy to appear, locked in a steel fortress it’s easy to feel overly superior and shout at other drivers without them hearing anything. Could you ever imagine something like this happening on a bike? When cycling in Copenhagen, I have always felt the connection first hand. When someone cuts off your way, one can get a little angry inside, but because you’re both out in the open and close to each other in this situation, people tend to smile and apologize wiping that initial anger away with a blink of an eye. Cargo bikes are often used to carry children and this is where this point becomes especially precious as instead of being a nervous person behind the wheel of a car, you can be relaxed zen-like person being the best possible example to your children.

Bicycle ride is like a meditation

Physical health

All this means you cycle a lot more. Since you don’t need to plan what you will be doing, you can pop into the shop on your way back from work, go to the gym, or other workouts without worrying how to carry the gear – commuting in a way that follows our evolutionary past. It’s only in the last century that people have started to be physically non-active. The results are clearly on display – people getting fat and developing a myriad of health issues to go along. Thanks to medicine we live longer, but years lived healthily suffer for not appreciating what our bodies have evolved for over millions of years – a hunter-gatherer walking along with the fields for hours on end. Yet in today’s World, it’s hard to find time for anything. People’s days are packed, trying to be super-efficient. So why waste that precious 1 hour or more than most people spend sitting in cars, stressed about traffic. Even when cycling with an eBike, you are physically active helping live longer, healthier, and happier. Cycling has proved to lower the risk of death and heart disease by around 50%. And the best news is that the first 2 hours spent on a bike a week have double the effect of the following hours. So you can achieve a lot with very little, and with a cargo e-bike, those first 2 hours are guaranteed to be achieved week in, week out.

Give an cargo e-bike a try!

The cargo e-bike is truly the only real human-powered machine that can take on the car, and in an urban environment, throw a bunch and see the car fall. 1-0 knock-out. The reasons people come up with for not letting go of their car-dependent lifestyle are plenty – bad weather, sweat, distance, speed, you name it. But for each of those, there is a solution if you’re willing to give it a try. Everyone has heard that there is no poor weather but poor clothing. The same holds when cycling as the people of Oulu, Finland are showing us. Right on the arctic circle, people in the Oulu cycle even in the winter. How can I cycle to work when I get sweaty – don’t get sweaty if you don’t want to take a shower? Get an eBike, sure it’s a bit of an investment, but when you consider the running costs the investment will pay back in a year, max. Also in an urban environment, a bike is often much faster than a car. So get on your bike, live healthy for longer, soak in your surrounding, and be part of the community.

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