KP Cykler The Bike Hanger in Brown
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The Bike Hanger 2.0 by KP Cyclery

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For many of us, a bicycle is a lot more than means of transport. We have fond memories attached to our bikes – they are special. Yet we think so little about storing our bikes. Often our bikes are blocking the hallway or out in an old shed. The Bike Hanger gives your bike the place in your home it deserves – displayed like a trophy it is.

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“Congratulations for convincing my wife that a bike on the wall is actually a great thing. She wouldn’t have it until she saw the bike hanger. :-)” – Juergen, Vienna, Austria

It arrived!! Luckily (or unluckily as it was a xmas gift) my husband was here to collect the package when it arrived! […] He actually said it was the best present ever! […] Secretly the bike hanger was also a bit of a gift for myself – so I could get the bike up off the floor! “ – Louisa, Brisbane, Australia

“You guys RULE !!! Thank you so much. Here’s the end result [photo], This is pretty much the only bicycle wall mount worthy of my Schindelhauer, by the way!” – Simone, Berlin, Germany

What’s new in the 2.0 version

The Bike Hanger new features

Mounting it on the wall is easy

Mounting The Bike Hanger 2.0 is very easy and safe. Install screws into your wall, and slide The Bike Hanger on them. In most cases, 2 screws are enough, the 3rd, bottom slot, is for extra stability if the bike is heavy on one end. Zic-zac pattern of the slots means the The Bike Hanger will not fall off the wall accidentally.

KP Cyclery Bike Hanger 2.0 How to Hang

Adjustable Wall Offset

You can adjust the wall offset to fit your bike. Bicycles with handlebars up to 60 cm wide fit without touching the wall.

The Bike Hanger Adjustable Wall Offset

Why get The Bike Hanger?

Your bike has seen the best days, hanging out with friends in the sun, and the worst, grinding through cold rain. It has been through it all. The Bike Hanger will store your buddy in the most beautiful way, and from a practical point of view it will – keep your home organised; save you from tire marks on the wall when stowing it against the wall; and it saves floor space.
Commuter bike on The Bike Hanger

Video tutorial on how to mount The Bike Hanger 2.0 on the wall

Use wall anchors for drywall/plaster wall & plywood walls; wood screws for solid wood walls and dowels for stone, concrete & brick walls.
Which screws to use with the Bike Hanger

Please note that wall mounting screws are not included.

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