KP Cyclery Bicycle – 2 Gear Kickshift

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What's beautiful about buying a bicycle these days is that you can find a bike for any price – from 100€ to 5000€. But it can be hard to figure out exactly which bike is perfect for you. Over the past 2 years we have been looking to create the perfect package for everyday urban cyclists, and here it is – The Perfect Urban Bicycle.

Price includes a complete KP Cykler bicycle. Built to your design with Sturmey Archer S2 Kickshift hub – 2 gears, no cables or shifters. Breakdown of components can be found here.

Choose all options below and an image of your design will appear.

Current build time – 10 days.

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Size 51cm
Size 55cm
Size 59cm
Copenhagen Cream frame
Caribbean Teal frame
Jet Silver frame
Panthera Black frame
Sharkskin Gray frame
California Sun frame
Laguna Blue frame
Bullhorn handlebar
Drop handlebars
Porteur handlebar
Black leather
Brown leather
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Our Perfect Urban Bicycle is light, nimble, fast, very low maintenance, and looks beautiful.

Features of the perfect urban bike by KP Cyclery

Looks – the perfect bike needs to look cool, but in a classy, understated way. Just like driving a sportscar with racing stickers looks like a showoff, so does a bike with aerowheels.

cool vintage bike

Maintenance – our to-do lists are long enough, the last thing you need is having to do a monthly checkup on your bike. The Perfect Urban Bicycle does not have derailleurs-the 2 gears are hidden from the elements inside the rear hub. You switch between gears by simply kicking back on the pedals. No cables, no adjustment, no maintenance.

Punctures – it is easily the most annoying thing about cycling, you’re on your way to work and then you spend an hour looking for a bikeshop to change your tube. Our puncture resistant tape inside the tyre keeps your innertubes safe, and even if your tyre wears out, you can simply transfer the puncture tape onto the new tyre.

Puncture Resistant Tyre Tape

Materials – we use steel frames for their supreme ride quality and longevity. Leather by Brooks of England is the material of choice for seat and handlebar tape as it only gets better with time.

Uniqueness – each of our bikes is built with the new owner in mind, highlighted by engraving your name on your bicycle.

Bike Frame Number Engraved into the frame

Safety – you will probably fall in love with this bike, and it would bea tragedy to loose it. To tackle that, we put NFC chips into the handlebar to make bicycle recovery easy. You will get a user in our system and will be able to change the text displayed, after scanning the chip with a smartphone.

Small 51 cm frame for riders under 165 cm / 5’4″.
Medium 55 cm frame for riders between 165 cm and 180 cm / 5’4″ and 5’11”,
Large 59 cm frame for riders above 180 cm / 5’11”.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 110 × 20 × 70 cm

California Sun, Caribbean Teal, Copenhagen Cream, Jet Silver, Laguna Blue, Panthera Black, Sharkskin Gray


Brown, Black


Drop, Bullhorn, Porteur

Frame size

S (51 cm), M (55 cm), L (59 cm)

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