Bicycle Sidecar

This Bicycle Sidecar is created not just to turn heads as you are riding around. There is space for almost anything – a complete bicycle, kegs, beers boxes, daily shopping, sports gear, furniture – you get the point. We’ve specially equipped the sidecar’s bottom side with hooks to store rubber bands and cargo belts, so they are hidden when not in use but always there when you need to secure something on the sidecar.

Natural riding experience

We have kept the tilting point as close to the ground and the bike’s centre as possible. That means that the sidecar is almost always level with the ground, whilst the bicycle itself can tilt. The Bicycle Sidecar makes for a completely natural riding experience, and you won’t even feel the sidecar is there.


Bicycle Sidecar is handmade in our workshop, and because of that, you can customise it precisely for you or your company. We can make it wider, narrower, shorter, longer, higher – you name it. For example – we’ve built a non-tilting model for a chopper bike, a broader model for a coffee roastery to fit their products, and a model with removable supports for large plates for woodworkers.Bicycle Sidecar Copehagen

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  • Sidecar Bike Bicycle by KP Cyclery

    KP Bicycle Sidecar

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