Cargo Bike

The styling of our Nighthawk Cargo Bike is inspired by the iconic F-117 Nighthawk stealth plane. The idea is to have a bike capable of carrying as much as a car and still going as fast as a road bike. Also available as an e-bike with both electric cargo bike and pedal-powered version customizable to match your needs.

Cargobikes do not have to be boring. Blast through your city with our Nighthawk and turn heads wherever you go.

With the Nighthawk cargo bike, speed and fun is always just one push of a pedal away.

Fast Nighthawk Cargo Bike

The revised front geometry makes Nighthawk one of the best handling cargo bikes.

Nighthawk Cargo Bike Copenhagen

Producing in-house allows us to build the bike of your dreams.

Welding the Nighthawk Cargo Bike

Watch the video to get a better glimpse of the Nighthawk!

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Showing all 8 results