Our story

Our story begins back in the summer of 2014 when I first established KP Cyclery (then named KP Cykler) in Odense, Denmark. I had been dreaming about doing something around the bikes for a living for the best part of my life. The love affair with bikes started at a very yound age when a bicycle was the only way of getting around independently from parents. Later this love for bikes continued in a form BMX madness, filming videos and going to competitions.

Kaspar riding BMX in 2008

In 2014 I was living in London, commuting on a bike in such a big metropol got me thinking about making fast, stylish bikes for the city. Thus I decided to pack things up and move to Denmark, Odense where my wife was finishing a degree in chemistry. The company got registered, frames designed, and a bulk of parts ordered, followed by a Kickstarted campaign things started to pick up slowly and first bikes got shipped across Europe.

KP Cykler 2015
Kaspar and Gedi at the first office space in Odense in 2015

2015 turned out to be an interesting turning point. Early sping that year, a Norwegian guy stumbled upon our bikes. We got talking and he asked if there was anything for hanging a bike on a wall in style. He had just inherited a bike that belonged to his friend that had passed away. I had made a practical bike hanger from old handlebars back in my flat in the UK. It was what he had been looking for, and that’s how our Bike Hangers came to life. A Kickstarter campaign followed and with the help of new team member Gedi, the Bike Hanger soon became the best-seller in the product lineup.

bike wall mount in apartment
One of the early Bike Hangers in a flat

After this, KP Cyclery moved from Odense to Copenhagen and another iconic product followed – Sidecar bike. Unlike any cargo bike anyone had seen, our sidecar proved to turn heads wherever it went. Perfect for businesses that want to be noticed. Perhaps the coolest of Sidecar projects was a punch of sidecars we produced for Sprite.

KP Cyclery sidecar for Sprite
Sidecars for Sprite promotion

In Copenhagen, one more product took its first steps towards becoming part of our lineup – Nighthawk cargo bike. I started welding the first prototype. As this was an experiment it mostly got pushed between other projects and thus would end up taking 2 years to finish. In the back of my head, the prototype had 50% chance of being usable. It ended up doing 5000 km and 2 years of testing before retiring the frame and replacing it with our production model.

First Nighthawk cargo bike prototype in 2018

Since 2017 KP Cyclery has operated from my native Estonia with the Danish roots of the company shining through. Thanks to our Danish heritage and my use of language, most of our customers still coming from the wonderful cycling capital of the World – Copenhagen.

2020 has proved to be a momentus year for us so far with Nighthawk cargo really taking off and sales of Bike Hangers and bikes increasing. The team has grown significantly too. From the days in Denmark where for the most part there was 2 people working for KP Cyclery, we have grown to 5 people today.

Thank you for reading this, it is you, our audience who make our wheels turn around.

Much love,
Kaspar – founder