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Happy 2020!

Looking back at 2019, we have every reason to be thankful. This year saw us become more stable and grown up as a company, it provided memories behind the handlebars and a new product in our line-up – the Nighthawk cargobike. So here’s a quick look back at what 2019 delivered and what to expect from 2020.

Bike rides of 2019 provided thrills and a decent mileage. Having completed the Nighthawk cargobike prototype in late 2018, 2019 would become the year of proper testing. In 2019, I did 3300 electrified kilometers of commuting on the cargobike. Combined with 600 non-electric kilometers on a single speed bike, the total fell just under 4000 km. Hopefully 2020 will surpass this number 🙂

Bike Travel in Finland 2019
Most memorable kilometers of 2019 were spent on a 4 day trip in Finland. Travelling on a single speed bike, those climbs provided a challenge for my knees which gave up just 14 km before the end. Happy memories though. Trip course: Lahti – Tampere – Jyväskylä – Lahti – Helsinki.

The product of 2019 was definitely the forementioned Nighthawk cargobike we recently launched. Not only has it been a thrill riding it at speeds reaching 70 km/h, but it has also changed cycling for me personally. EBikes definitely seem to be the future of commuting and I’m excited to see what the future will shape up to be on that front for us.

KP Cyclery Bicycle Frame Buidling Jig
2019 marks the year we got serious about frame building. This is the jig that can take cargobike and regular frames alike.

2020 and beyond seem bright for us. I still can’t say that we have made it, but the plans we have for 2020 with expanding the reseller list for the Bike Hanger and launching the cargobike feel a lot more mature than the plans of the past years. Hopefully the harvest of the seeds to be planted in 2020 will carry us into the bright future we are looking for.

Christmas tree on a KP Cyclery Nighthawk Cargo Bike
Thanks so much for being a part of our journey. We are forever thankful that you are along for the ride!