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Custom XXL Cargo Bike

It has been another unique build we finished. As always, one can get a bit anxious with design changes and their effect on the rideability, but this time things turned out even better than anticipated. So this is a story of the custom XXL Cargo Bike.

Request from the customer

The customer wanted a stealth matte black looking cargo bike with a large cargo bed. The customer wanted the cargo area to be 100 x 50 cm large.

Process of the custom XXL Cargo Bike

3D modelling once again is central in this kind of customisation. For example, it was easy to change the dimensions of the cargo bed, but we also wanted to be extra sure that the frame would still be stiff enough. For it, we added removable reinforcement bars to the sides of the cargo area marked in yellow below.

Custom XXL Cargo Bike


Since we had not built a bike in this size before, we were confident, but at the same time, a bit anxious about how exactly the bike will handle. Taking it for the first spin, our anxiousness disappeared. The bike handled really well, and you could hardly notice the larger than normal size. The bars on the sides of the cargo area really worked their charm, and the frame was stiff.

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Until next builds!

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