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Custom Step-Through Cargo Bike

Step-Through Cargo Bike

The mission of our cargo bikes, similar to all cargo bikes, is to have more cycling, healthier people, coherent societies and fewer cars and less pollution in the World. When this vision gets through to political parties, we know there will be an impact on what we do. This vision has come alive thanks to Estonia’s Reform Party. The party has been the political leader for the majority of Estonia’s short history and is lead by Prime Minister Kaja Kallas.

Request from the customer

Electric bikes with step-through frame for local elections so female politicians can use the bike with a skirt on. Bikes have to be painted in party yellow and custom graphics are needed for the cargo box.

Nighthawk Step-Through Cargo Bike

Process of the Custom Step-Through Cargo Bike

As always, modern 3D modelling comes in handy when making custom geometries. We dropped the top tube of the frame much lower and moved the battery from the head tube to the bottom of the top tube. Templates of the box and windscreen were sent to the graphical designer at the Reform Party who added their slogans and design.

Step-Through Cargo Bikes

Result of the Custom Step-Through Cargo Bike

The result turned out stunning. We ended up liking the design so much that we are now considering making the step-through cargo bike a standard option for the frames. We think it looks still agressive and sporty enough to carry forward the essence of our bikes, but at the same time practical and unisex. In addition, we ended up making the whole box from a reflective material that adds to the looks and safety of the bike.

Client response

“Thanks so much for working furiously against a tight deadline with the last day all-nighter. The bikes look amazing!”

Until next builds!

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